We have three little guests for the week. Two nine year old girls and one little five year old. Put them together with our 13 month old little chap who’s teething, a Dadadada who had a motorbike accident two days ago and a tooth infection with antibiotics to go, and a Mamamama (me) who slept just five hours last night because of those little baby teeth, plus a day of scorching sun and little girly cheeks with sunburn demanding cream and affection and a splinter in a finger and three overflowing nappies and you have a fine recipe for complete exhaustion by the end of the day. So this is it from me. Aside from recording the fact that Tommy not only has started to walk steps when we ask him to, but today he started taking the intiative of letting go and walking across the kitchen/bedroom/bathroom on his own, arms in the air like a little monkey.


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