nearly September

For all those following this blog (Gareth and my Dad), I’m back. And this time I’m not going anywhere. Gareth made the helpful comment that I shouldn’t force myself to write every day and should only write when I feel inspired – when my juices are flowing. Unfortunately, at the moment the only juices that are flowing are milky ones and even those should be trickling away to nothing within the next few weeks if Little Tiger is willing to even vaguely co-operate with my plan. If I don’t force myself to write daily then I just don’t write a thing. Nowt. Dibbley squit. So it’s September tomorrow and I am aiming to write every day, come rain or shine, whether I feel inspired or half asleep. So Gareth and Dad – you can get reading again. And I don’t mind if you tell me what I write is rubbish. The point is, I’M WRITING. The pyramids began with a grain of sand. And probably not a great one at that.


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