Tiger Tommy juice

Whilst driving to the crèche to pick Tommy up this morning I remembered that one of the reasons I wanted to write this blog was to keep tag of Tommy’s daily/weekly/monthly growing skills and talents. And I haven’t been doing this. So, today is the 11th of September – in nine days Tommy will be fifteen months old – at the moment he is : a) NOT sleeping through the night (yes, the other night was just a trick to lull us into a false sense of security) but instead waking up at least once if not twice and being a bit grumbly-bumbly about getting back to sleep, especially if he finds Daddy there in the middle of the night and not Mamamama, b) STILL sleeping in our bedroom – which may well account for him waking up and not being able to drop off again without our help – I’m sure he can smell us in there, and he can definitely hear Daddy when Daddy’s having a snoring night, c) WALKING very well indeed – his first steps were around the one year old mark, he started really walking of his own accord a month later and is now nearly running, d) CLIMBING on and up everything – onto chairs, onto my desk, onto the computer on my desk, up the ladder, up my legs … e) saying his first word (not counting Mamamama) – which happens to be in English (hooray) – it’s the word “juice” which he says repeatedly at breakfast until we serve him a glass of mango-orange juice, f) DRINKING from a normal cup all on his own, g) going to the CRECHE – just 2 mornings  a week and just for 2 hours at a time – he screams when I go and then either settles down to play on the fantastic crèche cars and motorbikes and tractors outside or mopes and whinges until I pick him up at 11h30, h) also being looked after by a NOUNOU – French for nanny – a fantastic woman called Valerie who we met just last week and who looked after Tommy for the first time yesterday morning for two hours, by the end of which Tommy was giving Nounou kisses and cuddles (hooray again), i) EATING just about everything – LOVES pasta pesto – saucisson, broccolli, yoghurt, Mamamama’s tea, cheese, dark chocolate, figs from our tree, grapes from our vine, tomatoes ripped off the plant and chomped on directly standing in the veggie plot – not that he chomps very successfully as he has j) JUST TWO TEETH – the two bottom middle ones, although I sense the top middle ones coming on as every now and again he screams and shoves his hand in his mouth. What else? Oh, he has a tractor with a trailer which he adores – his feet don’t quite reach the peddles properly so we push him – or he pushes the tractor on his own, and he has a tricycle whose peddles also await his feet. He adores playing with the answerphone by our bed and listens to Daddy’s voice message over and over and over and over again, waving when Daddy says “ciao” at the end, he plays the piano standing on a box of nappies and then gets down and applauds himself, he does the balancing act with Daddy that they’ve been doing since he was 5 months old (I think it was 5 months?) – Tiger standing on Daddy’s hands as Daddy holds him right up high in the air, and he loves doing his “a-boum” clown pratfall on the bed especially when we have guests. He awaits applause for that too and sometimes starts the clapping himself. He loves travelling in the car now that he has a big car seat facing in the right direction and Noir Desir – the live version – playing on the car stereo  (more clapping as the concert audience clap). He loves his bath in the evening after dinner, he loves sitting in his bowl in the shower in the daytime each time I change his nappy (no baby wipes for us – it’s get naked and jump in the shower for perfectly rash free silky baby bottom), he loves sitting naked in the kitchen sink playing with the water while Mamamama does the washing up. He LOVES his Richard Scarry book: “Cars and Trucks and Things That Go”, especially Dingo Dog speeding in his red sports car and Officer Flossy chasing Dingo Dog on her bicycle. And I can hear him waking up from his nap so that’s all for now. Not a very funny, witty entry today but probably one of my favourite when I read back on it in months or years to come.


One thought on “Tiger Tommy juice

  1. The things that Muffin loves, just like her Tiger Cousin:
    She loves CLIMBING! she does a route around the living room, over the stool, up the side of the sofa, along & down. Then looks around with a huge smile to see how impressed we are with her before doing it all again…10 times!
    The ansaphone….but it’s YOUR message she loves to listen to! Both S & Muffin sit listening to your messages for ages, playing them over & over!! I know what you were up to a month ago (when you left the message) off by heart!!! xxxxx

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