credit frauds

My ear infection is still raging on but less painful now. I am deaf on the left side. It’s quite spooky and I now know what it must feel like for old people who lose their hearing and have to strain to understand what people are saying and spend a lot of time feeling that they might have missed something of major importance or simply got the wrong end of someone’s stick. When I sing it’s out of tune – at least it sounds like it’s out of tune. I don’t know if I’m hearing right or wrong, inside or outside of my head. I cross my fingers this won’t last for long.

I’ve just has the horrific discovery that someone has been using my credit card numbers and codes to buy Spanish airline tickets and expensive hoards of cosmetics. 1400 euros has vanished out of my account leaving me with hardly anything left and a credit card that no longer works as they’ve blown my credit limit to Kingdom Come. I’ve just cancelled the card and now I’m going to have to go through the long boring process of filling in forms and taking it all down to the local police station. Just what I needed right now.  As cherry on the cake my mother’s had to go into  hospital – and she came straight out again as she found an old man sleeping in her bed one evening. Sometimes I wish I lived just around the corner so I could pop round and help her and my Dad, but here I am, living far away from everything in our big stone house of woodburner warmth, cut off from the Big Wide World. Although, even the credit card frauds have found me here. Curse their breeches. I shall be sending flames of FRENCH TERROR to cut them down and inflict them with excruciating ear infections for the rest of their days to come.

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