A day off

Unless I get some sort of inspiration meteorite hitting me straight between the eyes by the time I go to bed and infusing my brain with phosphorescent creative zing-a-zing energy waves, I hereby pronounce today a Light Day in terms of writing; a lazy day, a day when I’ve drunk about thirty cups of tea and eaten too much toast and cereal and spent hours and hours on the computer up to my ears in emails and flight bookings, with Facebook chat boxes opening up to greet and tease and tickle me as I try my hardest to concentrate on whatever task I’m meant to be concentrating on at that moment. At one point I realised I was “chatting” (do we say that in English? The French call the live message-on-your-screen phenomenom “le Chat” not to be confused with “the cat”, in the same way they call a car-park “Le Parking” and going for a jog “Le Footing”. I despair of such twistings and misinterpretations of our language but what can I do? They all find it incredibly modern and trendy to be using these English words sprinkled throughout their daily conversation and would be loathed to give up such groovy labels for fear of sinking back into nerdness and uncosmopolitanism, so I let them get on with it and hide the pained look on my face whenever such words strike my ears. I also avoid asking any of them to come for a run with me or park my car.) … anyway, I realised I was simultaneously exchanging Facebook messages with an ex-lover, a potentially-future-lover-if-I’m-not-careful, and my brother-in-law. When I realised what trouble I might get myself into if I got them muddled up I slammed the computer shut and went for a roll in the snow.

So, as I was saying, today’s missive is going to be short as I don’t have much to say. No car crashes. Just a walk in the icy-snow with Tommy and a sort of fully-clothed mini sunbathing session on the terrace when the sun came out and surprised us all. Actually that’s not true, I do have things to say, I’m just feeling lazy after all the screen gazing I’ve done today. Future subjects will no doubt include : France Telecom sending us a bill for 275€ as we wired the phone wrong and ended up calling England on the paying line rather than the freebie line, Happy New Years’ e-cards being naff/cringy/painful/narcissic or all of the above, Buzz Lightyear nearly being stole on the plane by the mother-of-two in front of us, and my future star appearence at the Little Angel Theatre. All very exciting and I’m sure you’re all hanging off the edge of your screen and drooling  in anticipation. I can now say “all” as my reader numbers have indeed swelled. I think it’s mostly down to people looking for Lhasa information, but there are a good few family members and close friends who keep peeking in. I should be careful as I won’t have anything to say to anyone when I actually see them.

Right, off to make some toast.


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