Ideas, come to me

Well, it’s very tempting to stay on the same theme as the last two days, but I fear a change is needed. However, what? I need some inspiration, I need some ideas. So I thought I’d ask my readers to send in some requests. I’m pretty flexible, as you can judge by the last eleven days – linguistics, politics, sex, childrens’ toys, poetry, car accidents, sincere heartfelt eulogy … and I still haven’t explained what flames of FRENCH TERRORâ„¢ are – and I will – just not today. And in any case I need a night off to rest my keyboard and my brain. Apologies to those of you tuning in for some fun, but I just have to go to bed at the same time as my toddler tonight. However, if you send me some juicy ideas and mouth-watering themes I shall get going again tomorrow. In the meantime, I leave you with a poem about what I suspect the evening holds in store for me.

not tonight.

So please nourish me with ideas so that this does not happen again.


One thought on “Ideas, come to me

  1. I have just thaifishcaked, which was le dogsbollocks. Not literally, I hasten to add. Not sure I have the brain power this evening to offer you any ideas. I am now going to coffeeicecream. It’s great this, I need never type another verb again. L xx

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