Ah-ha! Just when you thought I was curled up asleep in bed, out I pop with a last few thoughts for the day. In fact, they’re mostly my sister’s thoughts. Sister Number One that is, not because she’s the eldest nor my favourite (although she could be the latter but I would never dare state such a thing in a place where Sister Two and Three could find out) but because she was the first of my sisters to swear true lifetime loyalty to this blog. Anyway, she has been truly inspired by yesterday’s and the day-before-yesterday’s entries and has decided to embrace the French way of using English words. Here are her comments :

“Tres bon Claire.  I’ve got to go and do some nappying and some sweet potatoing.  I feel a whole new stream of language opening up … I have just thaifishcaked, which was le dogsbollocks. Not literally, I hasten to add. Not sure I have the brain power this evening to offer you any ideas. I am now going to coffeeicecream. It’s great this, I need never type another verb again.”

To which I replied :

“Yes Lucy, your comment is très indeeding. C’est le agree … Right, off for a footing before roading to Tommy’s nanny’s house. C’est le must.”

The eerie thing is, once you start using the Frenchisms and applying them to your own language, it’s actually very comprehensible. Well, if you’ve read the last two days of torturous entries, that is. In fact, when you invent your own gerunds and warped adjectives it actually ceases to be painful and becomes quite fun. This could be the future of the English language. Sorry, I meant, c’est très future, ce Englishing.


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