sic (sic)*

If this is all that appears as today’s entry it means Tommy has continued his projectile vomiting all evening and very possibly into the night. He’s been going for two hours now, I’ve changed my spattered clothes four times, we have used up all the hot water as each time he wants a long warm hose-down, and we are down to our last two towels. He’s falling asleep on my lap as I write this one-handed but I fear the worst. So I may have to forego tonight’s literary contribution to mankind and keep tending to Tommy and our soft-funishings, now elegantly redecorated in all the colours of the rainbow.

(*sic : from the Latin ‘sic’ meaning ‘thus’, used when citing a reference to indicate that a spelling or grammatical mistake is like that in the original souce.  I know, I know, my use of it is just one big fat bad joke, but at least there’s an educational side to it and you can now write sic all over your essays/book reviews/shopping lists.)


One thought on “sic (sic)*

  1. You poor things! G is sick all the time and it’s miserable. Hope you both manage to get some sleep and feel better in the morning. Lots of love xxx

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