Oh poop, oh piddle, oh pee, I’ve gone and left it too late to write anything of any worth. It’s nearly midnight and I’m wiped and I have a sinking feeling that a certain very small person shall be waking up way before daybreak to tell me about sea turtles and the sun still sleeping and Daddy coming on the train. So I’m going to go to bed and dream of all my ex-boyfriends and potential future boyfriends, just like I did last night which was rather nice actually. Unfortunately I woke up and discovered ‘it was all just a dream’ and got on with real life which involved porridge and laundry and potty rinsing and other extremely unsexy  things. I wonder when life is going to jazz up a bit. Get hot and steamy (and I’m not talking about the porridge nor the laundry) and racey and risky. I do miss all that. I didn’t think it would all stop with motherhood. Well, it hasn’t entirely, but I still feel very hungry, I’d even go so far as to say starved of all that fun. Oh, which reminds me, the French also say “c’est fun”. Now I really have to go to bed before I throw something at the wall. Oh well, here I come, lads.


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