I should haves

Sister Two had this to say about yesterday’s post: “Can I just say…you ALWAYS do the what-if’s in January….” Goddam she’s right – and she’s reminded me that February is the month of “I should haves”, and it’s coming up soon so prepare yourselves. As the freezing weather persists in keeping us stuck at home, going round in circles between the kettle and various screens in the house and wondering how we ever got in this mess, “I should haves” shall assail us day and night. Roll on March and April and May as the “I’m so glads” bombard us with ever increasing intensity as the days get longer and the sun gets warmer. And on that note, “I should have” gone to bed an hour ago as my tonsils are raw and red and clearly battling against some kind of bug which I absolutely REFUSE to give in to, so I shall make myself a potent hot lemon with honey and cayenne pepper (it’s a scary rollercoaster ride but it works) and crash out.


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