on and on and on and on and on and on and on…

Yesterday I received my first piece of constructive criticism with regards to this blog. It came from Dad, who when asked whether he had been reading regularly, replied, “Yes” … (long pause) …  (I awaited praise) …  (more long pause) … “Some of them do go on a bit”. Hmmm. So much for me being proud of the entries that overflow the thousand word count. And he’s no doubt right. I do indeed go on a bit. Which is why I want to just make one thing clear : these entries are not edited, finely polished, structurally beautiful articles, no – they are simply first drafts, mere ramblings of my mind, most of which are written late in the evening before I stumble into bed. If ever I decide to do something with all these words and thoughts I shall spend a long time rewriting them, sculpting them into pleasing chunks of literary architecture, before sending them off to whatever newspaper or magazine I deem odd enough to publish anything of mine. So please forgive my wanings and tendency to wander off track. In return I shall write shorter, concise entries more often. This being one of them. Touché.


3 thoughts on “on and on and on and on and on and on and on…

  1. I prefer the rambling ones! And reading them is one of the highlights of my day! …OK maybe I do need to get out more (if I had a few more babysitters) but have this as some more constructive feedback, they’re le must! xx

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