In response to yesterday’s entry I’ve been inundated with messages telling me to keep on rambling on and on and on and on and on and on. Well, I’ve had three messages to be exact, but I’m easily inundated. However, it’s nice to hear from some of you and to feel that you don’t mind my wandering into dangerous/dodgy/dull-as-doldrums territory every now and again. So I shall take that as a green light for letting my mind run wild and free and naked through the valley of imagination and we’ll see what it leads to. Tonight, however, is going to be a disappointment for all those rambling fans as I am STILL ILL and thus am sacrificing my writing time to healing sleep. This will, however, please my Dad, as I’ll have been clear and concise again. It’s nice to think that whether I wander aimlessly or whether I short-cut sharpish, someone out there is happy. Ramblers, I promise to write a big fat chunk of waffle for you very soon.


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