16 good things

It’s been a good day. For a number of reasons. Here they are.

1/ Tommy woke up at 7:45. For a toddler’s mummy that’s a huge lie-in.

2/ The day was full of the first signs of spring springing: glorious sun, drinking coffee on the terrace in just a t-shirt, buds on my rose bushes, the washing dried in a couple of hours, Baloo labrador stopped scratching the kitchen door to shreds asking to come in and instead sunbathed in the sandpit, I aired the whole house, it was light outside until 6:30pm … aahh the joys of living in the south of France.

3/ The rock hard phlegm that’s been blocking my entire head, nose, ears for the last four days turned into gungy ooze which did indeed gunge and ooze out, allowing me to breath again without gaping like a fish (that was maybe more information than you wanted).

4/ Tommy didn’t get electrocuted despite grabbing hold of the little low electric wires surrounding the pig-pen down at the farm (wierdly enough, Baloo labrador brushed past the same wire and got wickedly stung with electrical sparks flying off her. Tommy seems to either have a scarily high pain threshold or be made of rubber).

5/ Tommy didn’t get eaten by a pig despite holding a cabbage leaf so close to the porkers that he was pretty much in their trough.

6/ No-one from UNICEF was around to witness my lackadaisical approach to taking my child round the farm. Oh come on – he knows the place like the back of his chubby little hand now.

7/ We made a bananacake that tasted better than biscuits.

8/ I sold our Bugaboo Chameleon pram for 500€ to pay for some floorboards in our soon-to-be bedrooms. It goes on Monday. On Tuesday I’ll no doubt fall pregnant.

9/ I broke the hoover while cleaning the car. I think the bag was too full and I was hoovering up too much gravel. It made a noise like a jet plane which just went through a flock of pigeons, and then it started to smoke. This is a good thing because I can’t stand that hoover and it had it coming anyway. Tommy liked the smoke.

10/ I didn’t go to the cinema this afternoon with my 38 year old neighbour who still lives with his mum. It turned out he’d got it all wrong and the film was showing at 9 pm. Had I done a 40 minute drive only to come back home again I would have been forced to wipe bogies on the passenger seat of his immaculately kept car as revenge. Instead I was at home all afternoon and got to call my sister while sitting in a deckchair in the sun drinking an overly-frothy coffee (I didn’t tell her that – she was dealing with her grumbling-then-crying-then-screaming baby in the chilly north of England).

11/ That very same sister (Sister Two) told me that people hate blogs about wonderful, easy lives. According to her, what people want to read about are miserable, difficult, nitty-gritty-shitty lives … like what it’s like living in a village in the middle of nowhere in the Ardèche and struggling through each week, hauling baskets of wood up to the house, skidding on the bendy icy roads and nearly heading nose-first down a ravine, suffering from a lack of social life and intellectual stimulation, having your brain turn to mush, not having any work (or barely) since your child was born, scrubbing the kitchen floor with two small sponges, wondering why you’re not performing with the Royal Shakespeare Company or in a Mike Leigh film, suffering from greasy hair syndrome. So I’m okay then. I shall keep writing.

12/ We ate chicken liver risotto with peas for tea and Tommy ate LOADS. 20 out of 20 for iron and B vitamins. I could literally see him getting stronger and bigger with each mouthful.

13/ I downloaded the WordPress iphone application. So if ever my man goes on tour and kidnaps both computer chargers like he did last week, in an unconcious/consious attempt to remind me there’s a world on the other side of my screen, I will be able to keep writing my blog on my phone.

14/ My amarylis opened up its first two flowers. They are gigantic – pink and starlike and scrumptious and really quite overwhelming. It was a present from Sister Three (who won’t get to read this blog until she retires because she has a crazily high pressured job and is never in the same country for more than 45 minutes) – she gave me a potted bulb at Christmas. Little did I know it was to turn into something so stunning. I was a bit worried a few days ago as it looked like it was turning out to be a triffid and Tommy is already scared of the bathroom (“Mummy, me frightened – bathroom. Spiderman.” Don’t ask me), so discovering that it’s well and truly an amarylis is a relief and a joy.

15/ I ate – and savoured – a whole bar of dark Swiss chocolate.

16/ I’m going to be in bed before half past eleven.


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