Long Live My Sisters

My reader numbers have shot up again. I don’t know why. It’s happened following two things : 1/ I wrote an entry (Late Again) about Tommy having a poo in his pants just as we were going out the door and then banging him on the head accidentally with a bottle, and 2/ I wrote to my sisters (One and Two – loyal daily worshippers of my blog) to tell them I was fed-up with blog-writing on a day when only 16 people looked in and that I was seriously thinking of having a break or even giving up.

So this means one of two things. Either there are a load of people interested in scatology and/or child-abuse, or my sisters are just sitting in their homes clicking on my blog twenty times an hour in order to boost those reader numbers and my confidence into the bargain. Well it’s worked, Sisters One and Two (and maybe Three too) – I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

The funny thing is, when I started this it really was just an exercise, a way of practising writing and also of generating a ton of material to one day do something with. And then people started reading it – more people than I expected and people that I don’t know. This made me feel I should be writing to please so I unconsciously started to choose subjects that might interest people. And then I realised I was putting a silly amount of pressure on myself. So I decided to write the entry about Tommy and his pants, thinking this would only be of any vague interest to …erm … me, in fact. And since then I’ve had tons of people reading. So I think this is a sign to keep writing stuff that I want to write.

I also think I have to get ready for the day when NOT A SOUL reads my blog and steel myself to be philosophical about it and keep writing anyway.

Oh – I forgot about my sisters. That day will never come. So I’m saved.


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