Tommy poorly, Mummy.

I am typing this with one hand, my right one thankfully, as Tommy is so ill he needs to hold onto my left hand while he coughs, splutters and wheezes his way through his nap. I’ve tried slipping away into the kitchen twice only to hear a tiny distraught voice call out “Mummy? ” a few minutes later. He’s running a high fever and nothing seems to be bringing it down. Poor little love. The upside to his poorliness – for him, this is – is that he gets to watch cartoons all day long while propped up in bed. This morning he discovered Top Cat and watched the entire DVD about four times in a row before asking me to come and watch it with him so that he could tell me the plot of the episode where Top Cat smuggles himself and his gang onto a cruise ship and gets involved in some sort of counterfeit money deal.

“Top Cat an’ a money in big boat an policeman comin’ an Top Cat an’ a suitcase in babyboat – money gone Mummy! An Top Cat fallin’ an spwash in a water, Mummy!”

This seems to have opened Tommy’s eyes and given him a whole new perspective as to how to get money, how to lose it and the consequences of hiding suitcases of banknotes in a lifeboat. If only life was as simple as Top Cat’s. If only I could dress up as a maharajah and stay in a five star hotel for a week. If only incompetent Officer Dibble was the only thing I had to worry about. If only I had a wake of dumber friends at my beck and call who would go and do my dirty work for me whilst remaining totally oblivious to the fact that I was reaping in the rubies. Top Cat is my hero. And Tommy’s too from the look of things. Buzz Lightyear has been relegated to second position. He’ll be back though, no-one gets the better of Buzz; although I’d be interested to see who came out on top if ever Buzz and Top Cat pitted their wits against each other. I’m taking bets, if you’re interested.

Anyway, all this cartoon watching has meant I’ve been able to spoon zillions of pasta twirls into Tommy’s mouth and just spend time sitting with him and having cuddles, ignoring the list of things SHOUTING at me from the kitchen table. It’s such bliss to be able to do that.


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