Well that’s it. Painfully struggling for over twenty minutes to get Tommy to take his strawberry flavoured paracetamol gunge (his fever got up to over 40 degrees centigrade), I slammed my computer down in a fury to get rid of Fireman Sam’s smiling face… and broke it. The computer that is. The touch pad and click square no longer work. The front edge of the computer is actually crumpled. I am an absolute twat. An exhausted, absolute twat. Writing my blog was one of my few daily pleasures but writing it like this – on my phone – is no pleasure whatsoever. It’s slow and frustrating and I am close to throwing my phone at the wall. I am truly an absolute twat. An idiot.

So this is just to say that until I find a way of procuring another computer, you won’t be hearing from me for a while. Maybe the odd photo and a line or two but I certainly won’t be writing anything this long again on my phone.

Farewell fair readers, forgive me for my utter stupidity and hot temper. I haven’t been sleeping properly since Tommy got ill and this is the result. I have well and truly learnt my lesson and now I shall go and cry in a corner.


One thought on “Scuppered

  1. Oh no! What a disaster (for us, selfishly, as well as you). Have had a similar week I think with Emily being horribly ill and today I wasn’t concentrating and sliced my finger while cutting a lemon. Too tired and too busy concentrating on everyone else – story of our lives eh?! Will keep an eye out for cheap computers…L xx

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