The Dance Settee

I’m home, we got back last night – that’s Tommy and I – and I have a huge rollercoaster of an entry to write, telling the tale of our crazed two day journey out to London involving cancellations, delays, planes and boats and trains, tubes and taxis and sprinting down Gatwick terminal 2 pushing a buggy, all ending with me arriving at the Little Angel Theatre fifteen minutes before we were due onstage. That’s just to whet your appetite. Tonight I’m too wiped to start the mammoth job of writing that story. Instead I shall leave you with the new and improved lyrics to “Lord of the Dance” that my inspired (and inspiring) 4-and-a-half year old niece Hatty patiently explained to myself and her mummy while I was staying with them in London:

“Dancer, wherever you may be / I am the Lord of the Dance Settee / And I’ll lead you all wherever you may be / And I’ll lead you all in the Dance Settee.”

When my sister questioned the word “settee” suggesting it might be “said he”, Hatty looked at her mother with pity.


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