Discipline is the thing.

Discipline. Discipline is the thing, as parps Colonel Hati in The Jungle Book as he marches his elephant patrol through the jungle underbrush. I believe him. However, I am, unfortunately, about as disciplined as his clumsy pachyderm parade, and about as forgetful as Colonel Hati, who ends up forgetting everything, including his little elephant son. Discipline. If I had some I would be a fantastic clarinet player, drummer, ballet dancer and yoga yogi. I would also be writing a bit on this blog EVERY PARPING DAY. It’s nearly the end of July. In August I shall be seeing my Auntie Liz and one of my aims is to be able to proudly announce “I am writing” and outlay my plans to get a weekly column with the Guardian. To do this I need to get writing indeed. Discipline is the thing. So tomorrow I promise to write about the fascinating subject of nipples; one I am sure shall thrill and impassion all (five of) my readers. And now back to stamping through my own jungle of domestic underbrush before bedtime. Parp.


One thought on “Discipline is the thing.

  1. oh how true your words are. If I could faff less and discipline myself more I could move mountains. Note to self… must put “STOP FAFFING” on my todo list

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