Aaahhh! At last. RAIN. Grey skies. Cooler temperatures. Much MUCH cooler. This is no doubt a result of my non-stop naked 24 hour rain dance through the local villages, markets and boulodromes* of the Ardèche. The gods must have looked down and smiled at my desperate efforts, thus releasing a huge storm upon our region of France, with promises of more to come. I am so excited. Today I’m wearing a t-shirt with long sleeves. Tommy has trousers, a jumper and socks on, plus welly boots of course. It is heavenly to feel cool air on my skin. The valley opposite is draped in mist, it looks like Scotland – aaahhh! Scotland!

This has radically changed my outlook on life. Yesterday I was a miserable, unlucky, dry, crinkly, nearly 40 year old, struggling through life with my family, without any support from anyone and without much of a future to look forward to. Today I am a young, sprightly thing, in my 30’s, with a gorgeous family, lovely home and a thousand exciting projects ahead of me. It’s amazing what a drop of ten degrees can do. But enough of this sitting in the lounge tapping away on the computer – I’m off to don my wellies, go for a cool, splashy walk in the wet valley and drink a few puddles.

* “Boulodrome” – the gritty, sandy area found in each and every village in France, designated to the playing of pétanque, or “boule” as it’s best known in England. The “drome” bit makes it sound like it’s 100m2 with shiny steel tracks and high-tech lighting, but in general it’s a tiny, scrubby patch of sand under some trees, populated by round, moustached men over 50 and small dogs.


One thought on “RAIN!

  1. Ahhhh….lovely!!! Except of course if you live in London and it’s done nothing else all day…you’ll soon get bored of it…xx

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