Chop off their heads.

I just received a postcard from my nephew thanking me for all the stamps I keep sending him. He stuck a green stamp of the Queen in the corner and wrote “Hears what Britans stamps look like not very exiting we have got a cuple of fansy ones but most of them have just got the Qweens head on. Whos your qween or king?” So I have just written back explaining that here in France they don’t put the king’s head on stamps; instead they put it in the guillotine and chop it off. I am not sure that this is an appropriate answer for a (nearly) eight year old but it will definitely get him interested in French history. I also informed him that the last king was called Louis-Philippe. He was a young chap who ran away and lived out his life in exile in England. I assume he met a nice young woman and had a baby or two with her while there, so there must now be a few Brits with rights to the French throne. I advise you to keep it under your hat. Your head too.


One thought on “Chop off their heads.

  1. Or you could have replied ‘ they’re called Nicolas and Carla. One’s a bad tempered midget and the other is a tall man eating ogress’.

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