Ode to Sister Two

Oh dear Sister Two, you have so much to do, three children, a house, and a craft business too, with needles and thread and sequins and glue, and tea-towels and glitter and ribbons and goo, then sometime around two, there’s time for a brew, then quick rush to school and rush back and BOO! – someone’s popped round wondering if you, might be able to whip up a comforting stew, or spaghetti bol or cupcakes for Sue, or maybe, yes, ooh! everyone would go “whoooo!” – some Peppa Pig biscuits, in pink, green and blue! Then right there on cue, wee Marnie flies through, Sonny chasing her : “she stepped on my zoo!”, they run into the loo, but Herbie needs a poo, “Open the door RIGHT NOW! You two!” If you could you’d sue, or try out voodoo, or maybe, just maybe move to Timbuctoo… yeah, just join the queue, I’d like to go too, but right now we’re here, so what can we do? I haven’t a clue, but I do think that YOU, are doing quite marvellously, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU.

PS: besides the three kids, the house, the beautiful clothes she makes (Heavens to Betsy), my sister (Sister Two) also ran a half marathon last year, climbed Everest and re-invented the wheel.

PPS: Sister One – I know Sister Two’s ode is slightly longer than yours. But the form is less poetic. And I am getting into the swing of this ode-penning. And there are more things that rhyme with two.

3 thoughts on “Ode to Sister Two

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