“Gilbert” by Michael Jackson

Today, just after lunch, Tommy donned a denim jacket and sunglasses and asked me to “put Michael Jackson music on, Mummy, because me is Michael Jackson.”

I asked him what track he wanted. “Bad, me like Bad.” So I put Bad on (T: “make it more fort Mummy” … Me: “you mean louder” … T: “Yes Mummy, more fort louder.”) and he danced, wiggled and threw himself on the sofa in a five minute frenzy while his little sister looked on in admiration.

Me: “What now? Do you want another song to dance to?”

T: “Yes Mummy, put Michael Jackson again. Put on ‘Gilbert’.” (pronounced as the  French ‘Jzhill-Bear’)

Me : Gilbert?

T: YES Mummy. GIL – BERT!

(pause as I have a think …)

Me: Do you mean ‘Billie Jean’?

T: YES, MUMMY. Me say it. Jilly-Bean.

So I put on Jilly-Bean/Gilbert and he danced his socks off. Good old Michael Jackson and his ode to Gilbert – who’s not his lover – he just says that he is the one. But the kid is not his son.

1 thought on ““Gilbert” by Michael Jackson

  1. Catching up on old posts … am horrified to find Spiderman is being B****y French – if they are going to steal Our Language, can’t they for heaven’s sake get it right?? There is no such thing as le fooding, AND (my new Black Beast …) the present I bought for SM is NOT a “talkie-walkie” … although that is rather cute and what I now call it …

    Hope tout le monde healthy now … xxxgranny G

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