One small step for (little) woman, one giant leap for womankind.

I just don’t get it. I’ve been online to have a look at the Guardian, Le Monde, The New York Times … nothing. Yet I sent an official missive to each publication informing them of The Big News three days ago, when it happened – the 22nd of March 2012 to be exact. Either they’re ignoring the fact that this is a major event on this side of the world or they’re busy writing huge double-page spreadsheets on the topic and it’ll be splashed across the papers in a day or two.

Well, I’m fed up with waiting for them. So I’m going to break the news myself :


Oh yes. It has taken her 15 and a half months to build up her thigh muscles, perfect her equilibrium and practice flexing those toes, and now she has expertly put all skills together to create … a miracle. A walking Léonie. Not just two or three steps but dozens at a time. If the house didn’t have walls to stop her she would have walked to Delhi by now. She is truly an expert in the domaine of two-footed mobility, at such a young, fresh age. Amazing. We are so proud of her.

Well, there you go. I am surprised the media aren’t breaking down our door to get photos and to film the event. I thought this was what the world was waiting for, seeing as ever since Léonie turned 12 months, everyone has been asking “Is she walking yet?”  To satisfy your curiousity, here’s a film – Day 2 on 2 legs. I also highly recommend clicking on the above link (flexing those toes) to see her fantastic Toe Dance Cabaret Number. I challenge anyone out there to move their toes like a sea anemone the way Léonie does.


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