The seeds of major TANTRUM BEHAVIOUR.

So not only is Léonie walking, she is also doing that thing where she lies on her tummy on the ground and screeeeeeeeams her head off, kicking and hitting the floor with her fists. Apparently this was a great speciality of mine as a toddler. My mother told me she would walk away and hide behind the canned peas, only to come back once a circle of concerned adults had formed around me. She would nod as she pretended to agree with their disapproving comments. “Well, WHERE is the mother?” and “Discipline, discipline – discipline is the thing” and “That little girl just needs a good smack”. Of course, I never got a good smack and I turned out alright, innit?

So I have come to the conclusion that this tantrum stuff is a good thing for Léonie as it means she’ll have a mind of her own and will carve out her own way in the world.  But it is quite a terrifying thing for me and L’Homme as we have to somehow deal with the situation. This evening I just let her tantrum on the kitchen floor and stepped over her as I made dinner. She calmed down once she saw supper was sausages. I can’t see me keeping my cool if and when she does this at my brother’s wedding in September. Right at the front.  Screams her head off when we all start singing “Give Me Joy in my Heart”, kicks the altar, grabs all the wafers and smushes them down the bride’s mother’s dress.

I might have to take a sausage with me.


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