Election results for our ye olde villageee

Yesterday I had a look at the election results for our little “commune” (ie: our district, not a small group of people living an alternative lifestyle together and sharing a washing machine) – the commune of Gras, made up of 554 inhabitants. The two lefties are in first and second place with 48% of the votes in total. I did not expect that. It reassures me, particularly considering most of the surrounding districts have the right-wing up front – often with Le Pen (far right) in first place. But not Gras :

Hollande (Partie Socialiste) 27.4% … Mélenchon (Front de Gauche) 20.79% … Sarkozy  (UMP) 17.11% … Le Pen  (Front National) 18.68% … Bayrou 7.11% … Joly (Green party) 5.79%

Phewee. Our little district is mostly left-wing. Which it wasn’t five years ago. But it’s not over ’til the fat lady sings. And it still means that nearly I in 5 voters went for the extreme right. Frightening. I look at the other parents at the school gates wondering who voted Le Pen. And WHY. That is the big question. Who on earth could vote for a party so blatently racist, mysogynistic (despite having a woman at its head), short-sighted and selfish? Maybe I’m naive, but aside from the hunters around here I can’t imagine anyone voting for the Front National. I might be surprised. I have neighbours – reasonably intelligent ones – who have strong racist prejudices against anyone from Algeria or Morocco yet one of them is from Vietnam. Odd that.  Anyway, I am very intrigued as to how things swing in two weeks time. It could SO easily go either way. Sarkozy is calling Hollande a scaredy-cat for not accepting three rounds of debate on live telly, but I think it’s him who is scared. He is already the first in-office president of France not to lead the way in the first round of elections. I still find it ridiculous that he’s even there,  vain, vulgar little man. But you never know … the French elections do have a reputation of swinging unexpectedly in a direction that surprises us all, catching us mid-croissant-dipped-in-a-café-au-lait. I’m not sure what I mean by that but the image is one of a soggy French pastry breaking off into your coffee cup and sinking, much to your dismay.

Sarkozy and Hollande will participate in a debate on France 2 this Thursday evening. They have set the time for 20h35 which is very considerate of them as it’s just after we put the kids to bed. I shall listen in (we don’t have telly which is a good thing as I can’t stand Sarko’s sneering, look-at-me-I’m-so-superior face and would throw a shoe at the screen) on the radio, whilst sticking pins into a small, wax Sarko-doll wearing high heels.

Does looking a bit taller really do anything to salvage his lack of credibility? Hmm...


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