Lost in Twitter

I said I’d never do it. I said I’d never go there. But I am a serious drooling addict fan of LadyCurd and she asked me for my Twitter name and I said I had one but didn’t dare use it and that now I had no idea what it was but while having a look at the Twitter sign-up page I somehow ended up creating a new Twitter account by clicking on various blue buttons, holding my breath and launching myself into a new cyber existence. I find it all very scary. LadyCurd has already gained me 20 or so followers by hurling my Twitter name out there and all 20 are proving to be frighteningly witty and intelligent and readable. It’s all so addictive. Which is why I haven’t dared touch my computer all day, although I did keep checking my emails whilst at the doctors, astonished to see all these tweets coming through. I am in awe. How do regular Tweeters manage to lead a life and still tweet half-hourly? I suppose it’s a skill you develop, like managing to have a phone call with a wound-up parent whilst emptying the dishwasher with one hand and putting on some warm socks with your teeth (because the other hand is clutching a baby to your hip). So I need to learn that skill if I’m to become a proper twitterer. I also need to find out what all the abbreviations mean. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to actually use them, as I am a staunch defender of ye olde Englishe language and even my text messages use full words and correct grammar (no, I am not 85, and I am not Grammarman – I have tried to use abbreviations but my blood pressure plummets and I come out in hives), but at least I’ll be able to understand what everyone else is going on about. So here I am : @Inagainoutagain … don’t get excited, I have only tweeted three times and each time it was a bumbling mess which got cut off as I hit 140 characters way too fast. I shall try to tweet something funny/pertinent/pert in the next six months. And yes, I am indeed now writing a post on my blog every day, no matter what. That’s LadyCurd’s influence again. Except that she writes highly intelligent 1000-words posts examining abortion rights, feminism, breast-size/cock-size and their accompanying myth value, and I write wee snippets of inanity with photos to fill in the space about Spiderman’s pants and murdered elephant finger-puppets. My excuse: my brain is mush at the moment and I do spend a lot of time outside running alongside small bikes, playing “coffee-shop” in the sandpit and getting tiny hands to not be bitten off by feed the sheep at the farm down the hill. Which is probably why my brain is mushy peas. I prefer not to strain it too much these days. Give me a cup full of sand and some sheep poo on my shoe and I can happily ignore the fact my brain is not quite the brain it used to be. So it might take me a while to master this Twitter thing but I’m going to have a go.


4 thoughts on “Lost in Twitter

  1. Did you see the movie “The Social Network” about Facebook? Now they are making a film about Twitter. It’s much shorter, but it does have 140 characters…

  2. Ah I just read this! I am terribly flattered! But yay we will turn you into an addict in now time. Who needs to parent their actual children when you can tweet about parenting them instead! 😉

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