No Electricity for a Day

No, this wasn’t a green experiment of our own undertaking. No such virtuous action on our part. Although we actually did enjoy it once we got used to it. I’m very happy everything’s back on though. Hence me managing to quickly write this while L’Homme is reading Le Monde on his newly charged iphone in the loo at 10 p.m.

There once was a hardcore spring storm,

In the south of France it’s quite the norm.

The leccy went down,

We villagers did frown,

As the things in our freezers got warm.

Today we had no electricity whatsover from 5 a.m. until 6 p.m.  That’s no lights, no phone, no recharging iphones, no computer, no internet, no kettle, no coffee machine, no toaster, no hairdryer, limited hot water, no DVD player, no music (except for my clarinet practise, ow) … we reverted to card games, playing ‘shopping’, going for a long walk in the hills, making pirate treasure maps by dying A4 paper with strong tea, drawing tattoos all over L’Homme’s arms with felt pen, reading books, making biscuits and in the end we took the kids off to the circus centre down the road and ogled gorgeous, young, muscley, lithe acrobats watched three different fab shows before getting silly on champagne (me, I wasn’t driving, hoorah!) because someone was celebrating their 30th. The kids loved it all, we loved it all, and when we arrived home the lights were on in ye olde village. As my sisters and I say: ‘Twas brillig.

Roll on the next storm.


One thought on “No Electricity for a Day

  1. [ Polite Laughter ] When there is no electricity in the house you are faced with challenges. However, it grants us the opportunity to listen to our inner intuitive voice.

    It is also a lesson in being prepared.

    If you wish, you can make it a habit to see that your iphone is well-charged so you can make and receive call in an emergency situation.

    Thanks for a great post!

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