Breastfeeding Extremely

Following on from LadyCurd’s Letter to Extreme Breastfeeding, here are my moments of Breastfeeding In Extremely Unusual/Uncomfortable Circumstances:

1/ Hiking up a steep, rocky hill, Tommy in a Kari-Me/Patapum baby carrier (not sure which), both of us steaming ahead of everyone else (Harrison family genetics means you always have to be at least ten paces ahead of any other human you’re walking with).

2/ Backstage at the Odéon National Theatre in Paris, in between scenes from Tartuffe, me playing ‘Marianne’, the young virgin bride-to-be, with huge great milk-laden boobs, dressed in a white dress, sometimes forgetting to put my breast pads back in after feeding Tommy. That deserves a post in itself.

3/In the Paris metro at rush hour, shouting at anyone who dared even vaguely brush against us. I managed to get a whole 2 seats to myself.

4/ In the Jardins de Luxembourg in Paris where breastfeeding is frowned upon in a terribly French manner (they flick their croissants crumbs at you).

5/ in a Carrefour supermarket, sitting on a pack of 6 Volvic bottles.

6/ for every take-off and landing in a plane I’ve ever done with either baby (mostly, and unfortunately with Ryanair, which is why this ranks as extreme breastfeeding).

7/ kayaking naked down the Gorges of the Ardèche.

(NB: one of these is not true. Guess which and you could win a holiday in the hills of southern France …)

(the babies never seem to notice when their breastfeeding session is Extreme – they fall asleep as usual …)

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