Baby Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

When I go to bed I always tiptoe into each of the children’s bedrooms to tuck them in, kiss them and look at them.

Léonie looked so beautiful the other night that I slipped downstairs, got our camera, snuck back into her bedroom and took a photo of her in the dark. Of course, it was very dark so a stupid red-then-green light came on and the camera went BEEEEEP! (Tommy keeps fiddling about with it and changing the settings so the noises are back on) and Léonie stirred, opened her eyes and I froze, cursing myself for being so bloody stupid and expecting to then spend the next twenty minutes getting her back to sleep … but phewee, she just closed her eyes and turned over. Here is the hard-earned photo. It looks like a painting. I won’t be doing it again though.


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