Clarinet bearfoot

I would just like to warn you all, that Tommy is learning the clarinet.

That is, he picks my clarinet up and blows so hard I worry his eyes might burst a blood vessel or at the very least his ears might pop. But he gets a damn fine sound from it. Seeing as I myself am learning the clarinet, I fear that if he keeps this up he will soon overtake me.

He also looks far cooler than me when in clarinet mode.


Maybe this will be the thing that actually gets me practising regularly. Competition with my son. Or more like a strong, parpy, screechy reminder from my son that my clarinet exists and should be played. In my experience, I usually need something more stressful to get me moving, like a major deadline. Giving a concert at The Royal Albert Hall with me as solo clarinet for example. Yes, that might do it. All I need now is someone to book me for next year. I reckon eight hours of daily clarinet practise for 12 months should be enough. So I’m taking bookings for May/June 2013. I’m crap at the moment – can barely play the high notes without insects dropping dead and the neighbours selling their houses, but I’m sure with some good hard practise I’ll be ready in time for the show. Otherwise I’ll send Tommy.

music bearfoot

PS: I sincerely believe we should all wear bear slippers. They make us look far less serious and far more cuddly.

PPS: Not that Tommy needs to look more cuddly. He is cuddlesomeness in itself, as I am sure you will all agree or else be bopped on the head by me his mummy.

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