Blogging for Madeleine

There have already been hundreds of bloggers writing about Madeleine McCann today, and writing far more touching, emotional posts than mine. I can barely remember the story – I had left England years back and in France the story was barely covered, if at all. I think I heard about it a year later when visiting the UK. Madeleine was taken in the middle of the night, from the house her family were holidaying in, in Portugal. Today is the 12th of May. She is nine today. But she won’t be celebrating her birthday with her parents and family. She might not be celebrating it at all. She was three at the time, she wouldn’t know what day she was born. Her story breaks my heart. I cannot imagine how her parents must feel.   I cannot think how I would manage to go on with life if one of my kids were taken away from me in the middle of the night. I imagine I would do absolutely everything I could to find them, to spread the message, to keep my hopes alive. Which is what Madeleine’s parents are doing and what this is all about.  The #Blogging4Madeleine campaign was set up by A Mummy’s View and Tea & Biscotti. I hope it helps find Madeleine.

Metropolitan Police have released the following age-progression image of Madeleine. It is a guide as to what she may look like now, age 9.

Madeleine as she would look now, age 9.

If you have any information that could help the authorities with their investigation, please contact your local police force immediately and ‘Operation Grange’ on 0207 321 9251
or Crimestoppers (in confidence) on 0800 555111

Madeleine, I hope you are still out there and are being looked after and loved. I also hope your parents will find you soon.


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