Ruched flowery knickers

I often wish I was younger for many reasons. Less lines. Softer skin. More time to become a world famous film star. But mostly because I would like to be able to wear knickers like these.


Alas. In real life this is no longer possible. Or it is, but they would have to be hidden beneath outer garments, which means there’s no point in wearing them whatsoever. These knickers should be worn to be seen. Which is why I am contemplating doing a solo show as a girly clown. Just so that I can wear those knickers and show them to the 23 people in the audience whole wide world.

2 thoughts on “Ruched flowery knickers

  1. Just catching up on your blog. SO glad tommy is ok. and Oddler has these pants- I LOVE THEM. She had the matching dress then I let it go mouldy so it had to be chucked so I scoured ebay for another one. Has Leonie got the dress?

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