That’s it! I can’t take it anymore! I’m getting my hair all chopped off again! I just can’t get through the growing-it-out stage! Look! I’m even using exclamation marks everywhere!!!! (my personal rule of thumb when writing: NEVER use more than one exclamation mark per 20 sentences.) AAARRRGGGHHH!!!!!!!!!

I just came across this photo.

Yes, it’s blurry, which helps me look good, but even if it was in focus I still look a lot better than I do with this hair-helmet I’ve been wearing for over five months now. I can’t take it anymore. I’m sure this was what tipped me over the edge recently when I had a spell of feeling thoroughly depressed. So tomorrow morning I’m phoning Vincent  at “Le Salon” and booking an appointment with him and his shears. Don’t try to stop me.

(NB: I was about to write “I just can’t hack it” but realised this would have been a cringey pun. So I have spared you of such pain.)

5 thoughts on “CHOP!

  1. Yes !!!!!!! I’m not referring to your haircut decision (I was looking for a better word than that but a Google for “pertaining to haircuts” doesn’t bring anything up, alas), but to your liberal sprinkling of punctuation. And you look great with short hair too.

  2. Ils sont vraiment mignons tes enfants et toi aussi avec tes cheveux courts… On dirait Jane Seberg !
    Je t’embrasse tendrement Claire
    Brigitte Chardin

  3. I always feel better after a haircut. The shorter the better. It makes me wonder if I should just shave my head. I’d be either really sassy or I’d hide under my bed until I could have a proper pixie cut again.

  4. Photo of hemet hair pls…I think your loyal readers should be the judge in the ‘to-cut-or-not-to-cut’ debate…..

    • It’s just too dangerous to even take the photo. I only have one camera. I don’t want the lens cracking. (DO NOT TAKE PHOTO OF HELMET HAIR WITH CAMERA. WILL SHATTER.)

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