The Pirate Returns

At last. He escaped. Captain Tommy Sparrow, or Pirate Peg-Leg as he is now known, managed to flee the clutches of Le Hospital and swim back to his own ship. He got away the day before yesterday and is still hopping around the house ship, bravely battling on, never giving up, despite foul poison being poured down his throat twice a day by the dreaded Captain Mummy.

We have warned Pirate Peg-Leg that we are planning on selling our house ship but nothing phases him now. He is looking forward to making new pirate friends on strange seas. Plus there’s a castle in the town we’d like to move to. With treasure hidden in one of the walls. I know this because when we visited it a few weeks ago, when Pirate Peg-Leg still had two fully working legs, I found him scraping at a 400 year old wall with a stick. I had to hide a fifty pence piece of eight in the grounds of the castle so that he could find some treasure before we left the castle, to avoid him bringing a turret down.

He is still limping and hopping and regularly falling over, yet doggedly continues his pirate cutlass training. His sister is simultaneously thrilled to have him home and also a wee bit jealous of all the attention he is getting. She has taken to opera screeching in order to remind us that she is still here. She is even letting me put pretty dresses on her rather than refusing to wear anything but her “My Pop is Da Bomb” t-shirt (a hand-me-down from 23 cousins) as she knows we will coo and aaahh every time she walks into the room. I took the opportunity to take a photo but she continued her opera squealing.

(NB: the dress is from Heavens-to-Betsy in case you were wondering.)

3 thoughts on “The Pirate Returns

  1. oooh – fabulous dress..I better check out this ‘heavens to betsy’ site you speak of…! (Tommy – bless his little peg-leg!) xx

  2. Hi, I’m a successful business woman from New York and am looking for a small craft-y kids clothes-making business with an English feel, to turn into a global enterprise, I MUST have a look at this Heavens-to-betsy site too. I also need a late-30’s actress for the lead in a hit movie that I’m producing, but it’s only $15m fee…know anyone…? Now I think about it, I’m a bit busy with my global business thingy, I could do with someone with a producing background (Hollywood blockbusters or Bold 2-in-1 ads, it doesn’t matter) who could produce it for me. It would be on a part-time basis – just 9 til 3.15pm, 3 days a week. Ho hum, must get on and check the nasdaq.

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