Ryanair’s rules regarding complaints.

This is not my writing, it’s my step-mama’s (alias Gedmom). It’s a comment on my last post which happened to mention what absolute ladle-heads Ryanair are and how I HATE them. Her comment is too good to remain just a comment (if you don’t click on “comments” you’ll never discover its existence), so here it is for all and sundry to peruse.

“Ryanair’s word limit for complaints about them is 799.5 words and must fit onto a piece of web page NOT MORE THAN 2.3 square centimetres. This information is easily available by visiting Michael O’Leary’s office between the hours of 11 and 11.30 pm on alternate Thursdays and looking in the file in the bottom drawer of the left-hand side of his desk. Since you have chosen not to comply with this entirely reasonable rule which is designed for the comfort and safety of our the suckers who fly with us (note: edit to read “our passengers”), Ryanair had no choice but to reach into your blog and remove the whole of the offending passage. Failure to comply with regulations in future may result in your being denied entry to your blog altogether, however, this can easily be avoided by depositing the sum of €850 in our bank account which also entitles you to a FREE Ryanair scratchcard!!”


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